HBO Max hardcore sci-fi series “Raised by Wolves” may not be clever, but it’s no doubt the most original series this year. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

The series is created by Aaron Guzikowski (“The Red Road”) while we should focus more on the producer Ridley Scott (“Blade Runner” and “Alien”), who also directed the first two episodes. As one of the greatest cinema masters in history, Scott brings his unique artistic style to the series: tragic, epic, thought-provoking, tense, unpredictable, and realistic.

Visually breathtaking and eye-arresting, “Raised by Wolves” will drag you into an unknown universe that feels incredibly real. It’s a callback to the golden age of Hollywood handcrafted sci-fi productions, showing us the ugliness of the future and the destruction of humanity.

The series is complex, dark and full of symbols. It’s about religious, Nature v Nurture, survival, brutality, philosophy, destruction and rebirth. “Raised by Wolves” will hold your breath and push you into a mind puzzle. 

After watching the 10 episodes (HBO Max already ordered the second season), my brain was shutting down. There was a wired feeling that I was the captive and was haunted by this alienated planet. 

It’s unusual and engaging. It’s something I’ve never seen before. It might be the greatest sci-fi series in the decade.


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  • Network: HBO Max (Premiered on Sep. 3, 2020)
  • Production: Film Afrika Worldwide, Lit Entertainment Group, Scott Free Productions, and Studio T
  • Creator: Aaron Guzikowski
  • Cast: Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, Niamh Algar, Travis Fimmel, Winta McGrath, and Felix Jamieson