Just want to clarify before you keep reading this, Liam Neeson is honestly one of the most iconic action superstars nowadays. His action films are so recognizable that they can be categorized as its own genre, like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s and Sylvester Stallone’s films in the 80s and 90s. While Neeson’s hand-to-hand combat, husky voice and physical acting still shine in Mark Williams’ (co-creator of Netflix’s binge-worthy “Ozark”) “Honest Thief”, this B-action thriller is full of plot holes and embarrassing pace, even the action sequences sometimes are dull.

Neeson plays a bank robber searching for redemption after he met the love of his life Annie (Kate Walsh). However, his plan of turning himself in and returning the money was ruined by two FBI agents (Jai Courtney and Anthony Ramos) that double-cross him. The agents framed him for the murder, stole the money, and tried to kill him.

Now, it’s time to make them pay the price… Well, even if you haven’t seen the film, you might already foresee Neeson furiously yet gently threatens the villain “I will find you. I will kill you. I’m coming for you!” You also might foresee the payback will be accomplished in “Neeson’s way” violently. This time in “Honest Thief”, he’s not only a bank-robbing mastermind but also a former Marine with physical combat skills, another repeated cliche from Neeson’s action films. 

“Honest Thief” is the latest addition to “Neeson cinematic universe”. Throughout its 90 minutes runtime, you won’t be surprised yet won’t feel disappointing. It’s everything you can expect from Neeson’s action film…nothing more and nothing less. 


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  • Distributor: Open Road Films and Briarcliff Entertainment 
  • Production: Argonaut Entertainment Partners, Briarcliff Entertainment, Cutting Edge Group, Dreadnought Films, Honest Thief Productions, Ingenious Media, J Cubed Film Finance, Samuel Marshall Productions, Sprockefeller Pictures and Zero Gravity Management
  • Director: Mark Williams
  • Writer: Mark Williams and Steve Allrich
  • Cast: Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Jai Courtney, Anthony Ramos and Jeffrey Donovan
  • Opening in theater October 16, 2020

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