To be fair, South Korea action-comedy ‘Okay Madam’ is not just funny as hell, it’s a comedy with unapologetic humor and a great study of the unique style of the country’s comedy genre.

When terrorists highjacked a plane in order to capture a former North Korean secret agent, the agent – with a new life as a wife and mother – had no choice but saved the day. Director Cheol-ha LEE (“I Eat, Therefore I Am” and “Insane”) knew exactly how silly the story is, and he made this “Die Hard”-sort-of-film into an entertaining comedy full of unrealistic, exaggerated plots. “Okay Madam” is really goofy yet it delivers tremendous laughers every ten seconds throughout the film.

The excellent Junghwa UHM (“Dancing Queen”) is a beast here. Her performance is enjoyable as a former secret agent then turned into an ordinary housewife. She brought her memorable star power into the film, turning back and forth between comedy and action (which is surprisingly well choreographed and uses the environment brilliantly). 

Director LEE never taking “Okay Madam” too seriously, and he knew the film is supposed to be escapism for audiences. This is a hilarious film with an electrifying personalty that above my expectation. It’s funny and I’m still smiling right now when I write this review. 


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  • Distributor: Megabox Plus M
  • Production: Korea Investment Partners, OAL Media Contents Group, and Sanai Pictures
  • Director: Cheol-ha Lee
  • Writer: Sung-Hyun Shin
  • Cast: Uhm Junghwa, Sang-yoon Lee, Bae Jeong-nam, Sung-woong Park, and Sun-Bin Lee

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